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Worse visibility in the rain makes it difficult to carry you? Your wipers can not cope with the abundant rainfall? Water spray from the tires of another car you surprising lack of visibility? Is it safe?!


nanowiperSolution is the NANOWIPER. Our product will improve visibility in the rain and will help to drive without using the wipers! NANOWIPER elevates the glass in the nanometer scale. Silanes particles about 4 nanometers in size are related to the surface of the glass, giving it the properties of hydrophobic and oleo-proofing effect. Binding is the result of a chemical reaction, which ensures durability and stability of the shell for about a year. The product tested and used by Porsche, Audi, Volvo and Renault.


  • much better visibility in rain, with the speed of 60 km/h, water wipes off without the use of wipers,
  • about 34% better visual acuity, 25% shorter reaction time,
  • glass to 70% more resistant to deposition of dirt,
  • winter: easy removal of frost and snow,
  • summer: easy removal of insects,
  • reduced consumption of washer fluid up to 60%,
  • effect of easy-to-clean
  • less wear wipers,
  • increased resistance to scratches,
  • resistance to mechanical cleaning in the washer.

Car windows, motorcycle fairings.

9 - 12 months or 20.000 km (depending on the physico-chemical conditions affecting the surface of the glass).

Available containers:
30ml, 60ml, 100ml.

8 - 12 ml/m2.




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